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SHASTA was dropped off on September 15th, 2017 under some pretty sad circumstances. Her mom recently passed away after a lengthy battle with cancer, and her dad’s health was also failing; his kids were in the process of moving him into an assisted home. It was Shasta’s veterinarian who actually reached out to us first a few weeks ago to let us know that a Weim might need a new home. CalWEAR was then interviewed by Shasta’s family (in person!) to ensure she was going to be well taken care of while we find her a new home. Shasta was dropped off with TWO crates, multiple beds, blankets, all the toys a dog could possibly want, bowls, leashes, and a healthy supply of high quality food. Her records from the vet go back to when she was an eight week old puppy. All of her puppy shots were given at the appropriate time. Every illness, bug, and flu was documented with a visit to the vet. Very rarely do we ever see that kind of loving commitment from a former family. Proof that sometimes, even the most loved dogs find themselves in situations where they need a new family. We gave her family our word that we would find her the BEST home. CONGRATULATIONS to Lana for being her new mom.

KODI was a young blue male Weimaraner whose family went through a divorce. In his time in foster care, it was confirmed that Kodi was friendly, NOT aggressive, and not dominant. He also got along very well with the other dogs in his foster home. His previous owner indicated that he was great on a leash, and dknew his basic commands: SIT, DOWN, WAIT, STAY, SHAKE. CONGRATULATIONS to the Burns family for adopting Kodi!

BELLA was a beautiful eight month old gray female Weimaraner whose family admitted to taking on more than they could handle. On the same day Bella came home as a puppy, her family found out they were expecting their second child. Bella is young, exuberant, energetic, and playful. CONGRATULATIONS to Brooke and her family for taking on this little lady! She will require an extraordinary amount of time to train her out of existing bad habits, such as jumping and counter surfing. The good news is, young pups are pretty trainable, so this should be a walk in the park for an experienced home like Brooke’s.

HEIDI is known as… The sweetest and most polite Weimaraner there ever was. Her mom adopted her through rescue almost ten years ago. Unfortunately, she recently fell ill and had to move in with her sister. So Heidi, who does very well with adults, children, and dogs needed a new home. Thank goodness for Yanina and her family, who saw past Heidi’s advanced age, lumps, and bumps, and right into the sweet, beautiful soul she is. CONGRATULATIONS on your new baby girl. Also, proof that even the old girls can get their happy endings.




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